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LaidbyLara is a hairstyling business based in the DFW area, Irving Texas. We specialise in making and styling wigs and hairstyles suited for all kinds of lifestyle, from day-to-day styles to ceremonial hairstyles.

We are committed to nurturing the crown on our customers’ heads while helping them reclaim and express their confidence and pride as queens that we believe they are. For us the mission is simple and clear, we want to create a brand that elevates and projects the confidence of its community of users.

We want to help women feel proud and confident in themselves with our array of products and customer centric approach to hairstyling. Many customers have entrusted us with giving them the best looking hairstyle including braids, frontals, closures and wigs and they have always been left satisfied with our work. Our excellent customer first approach ensures our customers are treated like royalty that we truly believe they are

Founded by Lara Anibire in 2018, through her sheer passion and will to pursue her dreams and succeed as a young black woman. She has gone on to create a community for her customers where they feel their most confident.

About Lara

Lara is driven by her passion for the creation and styling of hair that helps women step into their confidence bag while revealing the queen in them. Born and raised in Nigeria, Lara discovered her passion at an early age and first started designing and creating hair for her dolls as a child. After moving to America with her family, Lara became emboldened to pursue her dreams and fully become a hairstylist and hair entrepreneur which led to the creation of LaidbyLara.

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